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We are not a “paint-by-numbers” mega law firm that churns out settlements. Our law practice will fight to get you and your family the maximum compensation possible, through meticulous preparation, tough negotiation and, if necessary, skilled advocacy in the courtroom. You only get one chance at monetary damages—hire the best to make the most of it.

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We Have Played a Significant Role in the Shaping of the Law of Wisconsin

The Maeder Legal Team has handled thousands of personal injury claims and has tried hundreds of them to verdict or decision.  One way to objectively measure a law firm’s actual trial experience is to check the number of appellate decisions it has been involved in over the years   The Team has had many Wisconsin Court of Appeals and Wisconsin Supreme Court Decisions.  This is a necessary activity, the trial courts are not always legally correct or are they always fair in the manner in which they conduct a trial.  We have found that there can be a judge with a local bias toward a party or there can be a judge with his or her own personal prejudice or agenda.  Judges, in Wisconsin, are elected and some of them have had little trial experience but learn while on the bench and become fine jurists.  We have found that most of them are trying to do their very best and we always give them the dignity and honor that they deserve.

Of the thousands of claims handled a very small percentage actually go to trial.  The firm settles a vast majority of its clients’ claims.  However the measure of the recovery, the amount its clients actually receive, is enhanced and increased because of the solid reputation the Team has.  This reputation is:  if we don’t get top-value we will try the case.  This reputation causes the insurance companies to know “we mean business.”  We do not advertise our settlements or verdicts, we consider each settlement confidential, but the claims adjusters, the claims managers and insurance companies’ executives and accountants know what they have paid to our clients and they know the financial impact we have on their bottom line every year.  These important persons know and they pay accordingly.

Our philosophy: we don’t “work” for our clients, we “serve them” and we know that they have granted us this privilege which we will always honor by hard work and honesty. Personal Injury and Accident Lawyers Experts on Wisconsin Law

The Components of a Successful Claim

When challenging the insurance company, you need the skill of experienced personal injury trial attorney at your side. The Maeder Legal Team has the experience, knowledge, professionalism, and commitment to protect you from the insurance company and their attorneys. Based on over 40 years of experience in personal injury law, we have found that there are two key components in making a claim that grants you full recovery. The Facts: We are not talking about the facts that the insurance company presents to you in a biased and prejudicial manner, but rather the true facts. What we at the Maeder Legal Team call “The Truth”. This can only be obtained by a fast-reacting and experienced team of investigators, engineering and medical experts. Our team of experienced trial lawyers efficiently gathers these professionals and turn into an effective weapon whose sole goal is to drill deep into the case and explore every avenue of research and investigation, aimed at gathering following information that could provide substantial verdict elements:

  • Obtaining accurate statements from witnesses, even locating them when the law officers have failed to do so.
  • Photographing and mapping out the roadway, the location of debris and vehicles and the skid marks and gouge marks before they are obscured and destroyed by traffic.
  • Extracting and interpreting “black box” digital evidence from the involved vehicles.

Car Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of injury and death today. Every time you get in your car, whether a passenger car, SUV or crossover, you literally take your life in your hands. Unfortunately, you also risk the lives of your family and loved ones. And if you get involved in a car accident, then the damage suffered by you can have even a greater impact on your life, especially if the insurance company finds you to be at fault. Not only do you not get compensated, but you could also become the target of a lawsuit, challenging your financial and emotional well-being. After Your Accident Recovering from your injuries should be your number one priority. Getting you compensated for a complete and full financial recovery for your injuries is our number one priority. The insurance companies have huge resources and defense attorneys to try and drag out your case and prevent you from getting the financial settlement that you deserve. You need the legal fire power of the Jerome A. Maeder S.C. legal team on your side to take on the insurance companies. Insurance companies know the Maeder Legal Team, and they simply do not want to meet us in the courtroom. Our Expertise The Maeder Legal Team utilize a fast-reacting and experienced team of investigators, accident reconstruction forensic engineers, and medical experts whose sole goal is to drill deep into your case and explore every avenue of research and investigation that could provide substantial verdict elements regarding your accident:

  • Obtaining accurate statements from witnesses, even locating them when the law officers have failed to do so.
  • Photographing and mapping out the roadway, the location of debris and vehicles and the skid marks and gouge marks before they are obscured and destroyed by traffic.
  • Extracting and interpreting “black box” digital evidence from the involved vehicles.
  • Reconstructing the accident scene and the chain of events.
  • Examining the anatomy and pathology of your injuries.

Most injury claims arise out of auto/truck/motorcycle accidents.  You know the rules of the road.  Today every young person knows how to operate a motor vehicle and must learn how to drive in a safe manner.  Because of the speed and weight these vehicles have they have turned into deadly forces on the road.  We now have the additional hazard of the digital age, with drivers being distracted by cell phones, texting, GPS displays as well as those that have always existed, the billboard, the boats, cars and trailers on display, etc.

The Maeder Legal Team has a daily connection with these types of accidents.  We are the lawyers who handle each case separately, your case is unique.  It will be handled by the Team, not by some paralegal or investigator.   We don’t let the insurance company set the value, we have the daily experience in handling claims and the knowledge of the jury verdicts (which often set the value of other cases) to dictate, not ask, the insurance company how much your case is worth.  You know what?  The insurance companies listen to us because they know we can back up our opinion with action. Car Accident Attorneys and Lawyers in Wisconsin

Fall Down Accidents

Premise liability is the law that holds businesses and commercial locations accountable for injuries caused by unsafe conditions.  Many law firms will not accept these cases.  They are looking for the “slam dunk” auto accidents.  The Team handles many premise liability cases every year.  We know that the pain, suffering and cost to you and your family is the same regardless of how you sustained the injury.  An illustration of a typical case is where a young woman fell in a parking lot while entering a big box store.  The defense was that the slippery conditions were something she should have anticipated and known and that her fall was her fault not the company’s.  However our investigation revealed that there was a downspout that had been in disrepair and that actually funneled the icy discharge from the roof onto the entranceway to the store instead of away from it.  That it was a preventable accident.  Further we forced the store to reveal the video surveillance it had attempted to conceal that showed our client was walking in a careful and attentive manner. The company paid.  In another case the client was injured by a faulty display of goods which were a hazard because of the flimsy manner they were stacked on the shelves.  Many times we find that the business has, by its advertising of its products, diverted the customer’s attention from a hazard that they would otherwise have seen and avoided.  No case is alike and each must be analyzed and investigated individually.  That is our promise to you.  You are not a number in a big city mega law firm list of clients, you are a person of importance and honor in our firm and will be treated as such.  We mean it when we say that each client becomes part of our family. Trip, Slip, and Fall Accident Lawyers

Motorcycle Accidents

Let’s face it, when you ride a motorcycle you are at higher risk than if you are in a car or truck.  This is a plain fact that all of us who ride must accept.  We have our own set of risks that have nothing to do with other drivers on the road.  We have the risk of sliding out on gravel deposited on the road by some unknown dump truck or the slick highway created by the first rain on an oily road surface.  If there is some flying debris from a passing vehicle we will suffer extreme consequences and probably will never have recourse because the person who failed to secure the load is long gone.

However those accidents that we can trace to a motorist failing to give us equal rights to the highway can be successfully prosecuted and the Maeder Legal Team has a vast amount of experience.  We are riders and we know the risks.  At the Firm we have a saying “Motorcycle riders should have equal rights on the highway, the Maeder Legal Team makes sure they have equal rights in the courtroom”.  When you have an accident on your bike call us.  We have had many, many cases.  We have had cases of bikers cut off by cars, forced off the road by trucks or hit by oncoming drivers passing another vehicle.  A bike can injure the passenger on the back even when it is not moving, if the driver fails to put the kickstand down properly and it can fall down causing serious injuries to the passenger.  A motorcycle can injure the passenger without any other vehicle involved because of the intoxication of the driver or because he/she was going too fast for the conditions of the road.  We have done them all and with our personal knowledge of having ridden almost every make of bike in almost every circumstance we are successful in handling those claims because we have lived those factual circumstances and have seen those hazards play out in real time.

A Dream Tour on Your Bike Through Wisconsin

Wisconsin is famous for its scenic and historic roadways. Harley Davidson manufacturing attracts a great deal of riders every year. People dream of riding a motorcycle throughout this magnificent state. Riding through this state will take you through breathtaking vistas of the Bay of Green Bay, through iconic State and National Parks like the Peninsula State Park in Door County to the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest in northern Wisconsin. From heavily traveled tourist towns, to the city of Green Bay and the Home of the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field, to the isolation and pure air of hundreds of miles of untouched rural and forested areas, you will experience the natural beauty of Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Attorney for Motorcycle Accidents

Truck Accidents

The Maeder Legal Team has handled hundreds of truck accidents over the years.  They have been in many different states.  We have been hired by the victims of truck accident and many of them have been truckers.  For example we responded to a major crash in downtown Chicago where the Interstate highways intersect when a semi-truck pulling a container load rear-ended a semi-tractor (bobtailing) which was slowing down for traffic jamming up ahead.  The semi slammed the tractor with three persons in it, two of them were killed and one tragically injured.  The insurance company’s defense was that the driver of the van was a foreigner who was an independent driver and that the company that owned the truck had no responsibility financially for his negligence.  They said that it was too bad that he had caused such a terrible accident but they were not going to pay a dime. The Team found out, however, because of the ICC license the trucking company had and because of the Federal Regulations that applied, that the trucking company (and its insurance company) had the statutory financial liability for the accident and they paid in full, they paid every dime that the victims and their families were entitled to.  It was necessary to go to the Federal Court in Chicago to force their hand but we did so and with a vengeance.  We don’t like it when insurance companies try to screw us over or our clients.  It is this vast knowledge of the law and the specific regulations of the trucking industry that gives us the edge.

In another case the trucker was opening the van’s door for unloading refrigerated supplies on a customer’s loading dock.  Suddenly, according to our client, the doors “exploded” causing him serious facial and other injuries.  It was thought, for a while, he would never drive again.  The insurance company denied the claim on the grounds that he must have “slipped” and that perhaps he should make a claim against the loading dock owners.  The Team’s investigation found that this was just another insurance company trick.  We found after a nation-wide investigation that the California manufacturer had failed to carefully construct the refrigerated trailer (“reefer”) and by not providing sufficient exhaust/drain valves, the cooling process had caused the inside pressure to build up so that when the doors were just loosened enough to begin to open, they would explode.  We proved that in fact they had built a bomb.  As a result our client received full compensation and the vans were redesigned preventing many other “unexplained” accidents from happening in the future.

A while ago an experience trucker could no longer drive a truck.  He had been operating a semi when a young woman in an oncoming car committed “vehicle suicide”: she apparently purposefully drove across the center-line of the highway into his oncoming truck and died.  His emotional reaction prevented him from driving but the insurance company claimed he was “putting it on”.  Our medical investigation found that he had a classic case of “PTSD” and that his injury was authentic and as real as if he had sustained serious bodily injury.  The women’s insurance company paid in full.

Many very serious accidents are cause by negligent truck drivers who are not paying attention because of distractions or because they have driven beyond their limited hours and suffer from fatigue.  Frequently in the past we have found that semi-drivers would fudge their operating logs and drive beyond the ICC regulated times of operation.  This practice has been somewhat constrained today because most trucker now must deal with electronic logs that through GPS locators automatically record their driving and rest times.  Also today’s semi-trucks had Event Data Recorders (EDRs) that record their speed, braking, accident avoidance maneuvers and Delta-V, the pulse or duration of the impact between the vehicles and to the occupants.  The Team has the know-how and the experts to download and interpret this data so it is preserved to protect the evidence that supports your claim.  Since the fall of 2014 this recording equipment is now mandatory on all motor vehicles and therefore this ability is more important than ever.

Recently a large interstate trucking company denied the claim of a widower for the death of his wife because the semi-truck had no physical contact with the oncoming car that hit our client’s car.  The truck had actually forced this oncoming car off the highway pavement and into the median strip and finally into the path of our clients vehicle.  It claimed that the truck driver was not at fault and that the fault was the oncoming motorist who actually crashed into our car.  The motorist had limited insurance limits and so it was imperative, if possible, for us to determine if the trucking company, which had $5,000,000 limits, was responsible.  Again we were forced to file the action in the Federal Court and we then proved to the satisfaction of the insurance company that its driver was the sole negligent party and that in fact the truck driver, while he did not actually physically contact the oncoming car with his truck, would have struck and destroyed it if the car had not driven off the pavement and into the our car killing our beloved wife and mother.

A young mother who taught at a distant school was returning home on a snowy, icy day when her jeep skidded off of the road and ended up in the median.  It was a four lane major highway and she waited so that she could drive out of the middle back onto the highway.  We proved that the oncoming semi-trucker, who claimed that she suddenly pulled out in front of him before he killed her, was actually going 20 miles over the safe speed limit.  That his failure to use the training that his CDL license demanded was the cause of the accident and that she had not pulled in front of him “at the last second” but in fact that he had over 25 seconds to observed her movements; that this gave him ample time to slow down to allow her to safely get back on the pavement had he been driving slower.  The trucking company and its insurer paid in full.  Wisconsin law now has ruled, that because of the CDL requirements and training that truck drivers must have, that they are to be held to a higher standard when operating these dangerous motor vehicles in accordance with the increased hazard that these rigs pose to other vehicles because of their huge mass and speed. Semi Truck Accident Lawyers in Wisconsin

Worker’s Compensation

We have handled hundreds of workers’ compensation claims against almost all of the employers in Wisconsin.  It takes years of experience to actually know the many detailed and sometimes confusing rules of this law.  While there is no pain and suffering awards in this legal structure we have many awards and settlements in excess of $200,000 plus all of the medical expense in the past and a guarantee of payment of future expenses as well.  We have the occupational experts that can back up the disability and occupational claims of the injured worker.  We advise all employees to immediately report your accident on the job in writing so that the employer and its insurer cannot claim that you actually were injured at home or other than at work.  The burden is on you to prove that the claim is work related and while the benefits are sometimes limited there is no obligation for you to prove that the employer was negligent or, on the other hand, that you were not.  In ordinary negligent cases the victim must prove that the other party was negligent and that the other party’s negligence was more than the victim’s.  This is not true in workers’ compensation law.  See us because we can maximize your claim and our fee is limited to just 20% by law and then we receive a fee of only that portion of your claim that is denied.  We do not receive a fee on what the insurance company has conceded that you are entitled to.  You really cannot lose by hiring our Team in these cases. Law Firm Fighting for Worker's Compensation

Dog Bites

Wisconsin has adopted the law of ‘strict liability” for dog bites.  However while this law seems straightforward it is not.  Wisconsin, unlike some states, also places the burden on the injured person of being responsible for “contributory negligence”.  Like other accidents, the law of comparative negligence applies.  Also the law only holds those persons of a certain class responsible for the bite.  Determining and proving that the “owner” or “keeper” is actually such a responsible person is sometimes a daunting task requiring extensive investigation and sometimes requires the filing of an action.  Some dog owners refuse to provide the name of their liability insurance company believing that such a claim will disqualify them from future “home owner’s liability” coverage.  Again a law suit may be the only remedy.  We have had many of these claims along with claims for horses and cows negligently allowed to be on the highway by farmers and others and the challenge there is to prove that they were on the road out of carelessness and not the result of an “Act of God”.   We have been very successful in these cases because of our experience with horses and taking care of other animals in our own personal backgrounds.  It helps when you know what you are talking about. Wisconsin Law Firm Specializing in Dog Bites

Other Negligent Claims

There are claims arising out of dangerous construction sites, poorly designed and manufactured products, unguarded machines at work, home appliances that start fires or cause injury, cosmetics and hair products that cause injuries, motor vehicles that are not crashworthy and the list goes on.  They are all based on either poor design or defective manufacturer and we hold the manufacturers, distributors and dealers that make and sell them responsible.  We have had cases of unguarded and dangerous production machines where the operator’s extremities are amputated or mauled to poorly designed vehicles that are unstable at speed and during evasive maneuvers.

Negligent Claims Law Firm in Wisconsin

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Your injury claim or your claim for the death of a loved one is important to us.  The Team looks at each claim with the purpose of developing the case with the goal of maximizing the settlement or verdict with the least worry and concern to you.  Give us the burden of doing what is needed and you will be glad you did when it is done and over.  For over 40 years we have performed well and have not let our clients down.  We have done it many times in the past and will continue to take the coordinated Team Approach to every case.  Remember there is no fee for the initial consult and when we take the case there is no cost to you unless you win.  This is why we are rated in Martindale-Hubbell in the top 5% of all personal injury lawyers in the United States.  We earned and have kept this rating for many years by delivering justice to our clients, every time.  We do it the old fashion way, by hard work and honesty.

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Our “NO COST” Pledge

Remember, the Maeder Law Firm has a solid reputation for over 40 years and a proven track record, if you don’t win we don’t get paid. This is our guarantee and sworn pledge.  We do all of our cases on a strict 1/3 contingent fee basis.  We, not you, pay the costs of the investigation, the depositions, the medical records, the experts’ fees for reconstructing the accident, the seeking out of witnesses and the cost for finding substantiating evidence and all other costs.  These costs have always been paid by the Firm over its many years of practice.  The Firm only gets these costs back when there is a settlement or decision, whether by a jury or court, in your favor and they are then deducted with no interest or other added charge.  This is done regardless of whether you have money or you have nothing and regardless of your occupation or whether you have never had a job.  This is true regardless of your age or station in life. This is true whether you are able or totally disabled.  This is the “Maeder Way” and everyone knows it.  The insurance company’s also know it.  They know the Firm will spare no expense to win and that we have the resources to do it. Maeder Law Firm No Cost Pledge