Lawyers for the Injured

Get the Winning Team on Your Side

If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, you could be eligible to pursue financial compensation for your injuries, damages, or losses. Our law firm will demand a full economic recovery, including lost wages, pain and suffering, medical bills, property repairs, or any other accident-related expenses.

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The Maeder Legal Team will Be There For You

I had a terrible injury from an auto accident. Everybody said it was my fault! When Brad Myska tried my case, the jury believed me. Brad helped me when no one else would.

The Maeder Legal Team is Ready to Help

Whether your accident is one mile, or a thousand miles from home, the Maeder Legal team is ready to help. We can immediately respond anywhere in the Country. The Maeder Legal team always goes the distance for you.

The Maeder Legal Team Fights for Justice

I fought for my country in Vietnam. When I was injured in a car accident I need someone who would fight. The Maeder Law Firm never quit fighting for me. They did not leave a dime on the table. They're like the guys in my squad, they covered my back.

Insurance Companies Do Not Intimidate Us

In a recent jury trial the insurance company spent over $37,000 on their experts. The Maeder Legal team won that case. The Maeder Legal team does not back down to the big spending of insurance companies. Hire the Maeder Legal team. We will win!

You Become Part of Our Family

This is our family. Our wives, children, grand-children, they love us and they're proud of us. We'd be proud to represent you and your family. We'll treat them like they are our own.

The Maeder Legal Team can Get To Remote Areas

A charter jet is not a luxury. It's a tool. A tool to access remote areas, where commercial airliners can't get and get the job done right, for you.

There's No Time Lost with the Maeder Legal Team

There is no time lost with the Maeder Legal team. We respond to your accident case immediately. Whether that means taking our charter jet across the country, or driving to your neighborhood, we go the distance for you!

Network of Crash Investigation Experts Throughout the USA

Families today travel throughout the nation, if you have an accident outside of Wisconsin, hire the Maeder legal team. We have a network of experts throughout the country who can retrieve that vital information to make sure that when it comes up for settlement or trial you will win.

Treating You Like a Member of the Family

Shortly after losing both my parents I was involved in a terrible car accident, one that left me seriously injured and in desperate need of help. Brad Myska of the Maeder Law Firm stepped in and he took care of me. The Maeder legal team got me every penny I was entitled to and they treated me like a member of their family when I needed someone to lean on the most.

Jerome Maeder – Take Your Best Shot

You get one opportunity to make a personal injury claim, you don't get do overs. Choose a tough, seasoned, experienced, legal team. Choose the Maeder Legal Team. Take your best shot.